Get the Best Choices for the Dog Food Items

The daily needs of a dog vary according to its age and its daily expenses. A puppy will need a rich diet because it is very active and growing. An athletic dog, who practices physical activities such as agility, or if he accompanies you during your running sessions, will need an appropriate protein intake. A sterilized dog, or an elderly dog ​​that spends little, will need less rich food. To avoid any risk of deficiency or obesity, it is therefore recommended to opt for grain-free kibbles specifically designed for the age of your dog, as well as for his level of physical activity. From you can have a perfect support now.

How to refine the choice of grain-free dog food?

The choice of grain-free dog food is as varied as in the classic food department. It is, therefore, possible to refine your choice to offer your dog a diet that is perfectly suited to his profile. You will thus find grain-free and gluten-free kibble for intolerant dogs, chicken or beef, depending on the meat your dog prefers … If in doubt take advice from your veterinarian: he will be able to guide you precisely on the best choice for your dog.

Tips for Changing Your Dog’s Diet Gently

It is always difficult to change the diet of an animal suddenly. You can make the transition smoothly, starting with mixing the new kibble with the old one. If your dog sulks his new kibble, this is not a definitive failure: simply try another flavor. The good idea: start by buying a small package, in case you need to change it.

More than just a gadget, a dog food dispenser is actually ideal for meeting human and canine needs for accessible food. Whether automatic or at the request of the dog, the kibble dispenser can feed his four-legged friend without being at home. Thanks to a supply of kibbles distributed throughout the day or night, it is possible to regulate the diet of all dogs according to their needs, weight or their size.

A dog food dispenser for peace of mind

Spend your days at work, come home late with children’s activities, or get away from home for a weekend, the reasons for not being present and ensuring that your dog is eating enough multiple. The dog food dispenser is therefore essential to support your dog without leaving a huge bowl filled to the brim or to limit oversupply

The different distributors of dog food

The automatic dispenser: most often made of plastic, this dog food dispenser is a correct entry-level product perfect for small and medium dogs. A more or less deep tank can store a quantity of kibble to be dosed for a day or more. As he nibbles, the croquettes fall into the bowl.

The electronic dispenser: from the programmable model to deliver one or more quantified meals per day to the dispenser, allowing you to record a message for the dog to encourage him to eat, including those with a movement detector to feed the dog, these are more upscale models but very easy to live with.

The distributor that makes the dog run: taking the form of a plush toy, this distributor allows to stimulate a dog in lack of exercise and to make him lose a little overweight. By rolling it, the toy delivers kibble, and the dog is encouraged to move.