Is there are a disadvantage of online gaming? What is the difference between playing online and offline?

Games help to entertain, play, fun, relax, fresh feel, and sometimes increase the level of thinking and gives some knowledge in education. Games are created by a team by using code, graphics, VR, etc… combination of these creations forms a game. Some people play games for enjoyment and some play and earn through the game and some play to achieve or to get some reward to make it memorable. Games are separated into many different kinds of concepts and ideas. Some games are created by more adventure for example escape games  some games will be playful, fighting, surveying, building, etc… the creator makes the real thing into graphics and creates the game.

We can also say that games unite people even they are from other states or maybe from other countries. We can communicate with other people while playing. But only in some games, this option will be included particularly online games. Without internet connectivity, we cannot communicate with the other person. Every game has its separate rule, restrictions, and instructions to be followed while playing, instructions that help to start your gameplay.

In ancient years every people would have the habit of playing in the ground with their friends, but after the artificial intelligence and the invention of the mobile phone, it makes the person feel lazy. When people start playing on a mobile phone no one is interested to play with their friends on the ground. If there is some advantage to the online game at the same time there are many disadvantages because of games. Before the arrival of games, every children and teenager have the habit of playing with their friends with more fun this makes the children brisk and active. But by mobile gaming, every child gets lazy, and overplaying causes eye pain and makes the people too lazy.

Games like chess, ludo, etc… can be played both online and also offline. In ancient years these games are played with a board and coins and this helps to increase the memory power and the level of thinking in those days only we can play with our neighbour’s relatives. But now there are many online chess and ludo games by this we can communicate with more people and when you play online you can play as a single player or as a multiplayer.

Some card games like rummy can also be played online. In the present year, we can also play cricket online. Whatever the games may be launched online these games will not be equal to playing with your friends.

Escape games are like solving puzzle games. You will be in a locked room and you should survey your own to find the key to your room. To find your key you should use codes to get it. And it is not easier to get your code within the allotted time. This kind of puzzle-solving game increases your knowledge of thinking. If you are playing often on your mobile phones always play a game that makes you think a lot. There are some platforms to search for games for example play store and app store. Here you can see a lot of games that you can download for free.