Lets See Chelsea playing

Are you a soccer fan and watch all the matches? Do you know about different teams and

Are clubs related to soccer? Do you know about different soccer clubs in the UK? If you are searching for such queries, you are in the right place. In this article, I shall give some details about different soccer clubs in the UK with special reference to Chelsea football club. As I have told before there are different soccer clubs in the UK and all have a support base and fans. There is a lot of excitement in their season match, supporters of different teams chant slogans, and there is a large number of audience in the playground.

In this age of IT revolution, buying tickets for matches has been made easy but for famous matches international tournaments you have to Strule a lot to buy tickets for your favourite team match. Similarly, if you want to buy Chelsea manu liverpool tickets to see a match in the playground and encourage your team, you must buy the tickets. Chelsea is a famous football club, and it surely has its fans. As soccer is a widely played game, Chelsea has a vast fan base, and its supporters exist all over the world.

History of Chelsea FC

Chelsea football club which takes part in English football is a professional club in London. It is based in Fulham area. It has a number of titles and honours and won a lot of high-class tournaments. It has won almost all the famous UK soccer tournaments more than once. Its home ground is Stamford Bridge. There had been a heavy investment when a Russian businessman Roman Abramovich bought it. Since then it has won 18 honours. Chelsea was founded by Gus Mears when he bought Stamford Bridge stadium. He wanted to turn the stadium into a football club. Chelsea was founded in 1905 at a pub, and it was a member of football league soon after its foundation. In its early years, it remained between First and second divisions for a period of time. During the war years there was no success for the club, and it remained in the low grades.

Colour of Chelsea has largely been blue though in beginning years they wore paler Eton blue which was the colour of its first president Earl Cadogan. In the sixties, its colour was changed to blue, and since then it has been the colour of Chelsea and its distinction.


Chelsea has a wide range of its fans and has been widely supported by football lovers. Their attendance in English football is counted as 6th largest, and its regular supporters at Stanford Bridge are almost     40000. Chelsea is really supported by a large number of its fans, and it stood seventh best-supported team of the premier league. Its support comes from working-class communities of greater London    and wealthier communities of Kingston. It has support from football fans from the UK and all over the world. Chelsea has a place in UK soccer and has given world class players