Am I legally entitled to a receipt in my local grocery store?


I was in my local Centra supermarket this evening and they had a notice up saying that they would be phasing out the provision of receipts from their tills over time “in the interests of being greener”.
Can they do that? I though it was obligatory that shops provide receipts for purchases. Any information you can provide would be appreciated.


I had to do a bit of checking on this, and here’s what I could find out. First of all, to clarify – the Centra signs referred to in the readers e-mail did actually specify that if shoppers wanted a receipt, they only had to ask for one.

Shops are not actually legally obliged to give every customer a receipt. Obviously most shops will give you a receipt – particularly bigger ones – but lots of smaller convenience stores don’t already, especially if you’re only buying one or two items.

However, what shops are obliged to do is provide you with a receipt if you ask for one.

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