I regularly carry out the research and investigations that you’re unlikely to see elsewhere. The research that I carry out is intended to be of interest and benefit to the Irish consumer by asking the questions that others don’t.

For example, was the only place that you’ll originally received a snapshot of the current state (in 2005) of electricity competition in the Irish residential market – or the lack of it.

It is also the only place where you’ll see ongoing analysis of the enormous amounts of money that Irish businesses are stealing from Irish consumers through the multiple overcharging incidences that been revealed since 2004.

And finally, contrary to the enormous credit been given to the National Consumer Agency for bringing the German retailers closer to the mainstream of Irish grocery shopping habits, it was actually who was the first to carry out a grocery price survey involving both Aldi & Lidl.

My portfolio of research articles are available below. If you have any questions on any of the information presented there, or if you have anything that you think should be investigated further, please contact me via the Contact Page.


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