Santa Cruz, CA Market Report – An Introduction

Santa Cruz is well known for its homes and real estate. It is the county situated on the Pacific coast encompassing the cities which are incorporated for Santa Cruz, Capitola, Watsonville, and the Scotts Valley. Come of the communities which are familiar and popular in the Santa Cruz will be including Aptos, Brookdale, Bonny Doon, Felton, corralito’s, Larkin Valley. Los Gatos mountains etc. The market of the real estate in the city of Santa Cruz is very much diverse. Look at the which gives your number of options to choose regarding the homes in the Santa Cruz. There are the homebuyers who had the wide range of the choices in the properties of residency which are available for the sale and this will be including the single-family homes, condos, waterfront homes, and the apartment buildings. This is located or situated on the northern edge of the Monterey Bay with almost twenty-nine miles of the line of the coast, Santa Cruz homes will be offering the buyers the comfort at ultimate and the lifestyle at the process which is relatively low.

Homes for living

Considering the lush redwood forests, the pristine beaches and the prime farmland in this location which is amazing, Santa Cruz will be the place which is ideal for anyone who is loving to stay very much closer to nature. It’s very much important for anyone to take into notice that the turnover which is slow is not only caused by the buyers. The shortage of the housing supply can also be the attribution to the owners of the homes who have not started to move as often as in the earlier years. At present, a typical family will be living in the home for about eleven and a half years before they are going to sell it the longest number when seen in the last 38 years. The shift which is demographics is due to the reason of the baby boomers, the age group of the home-owning which is the largest one in the Santa Cruz which is aged almost fifty-five and above.


When made the comparison between the people who are aged between twenty to forty years of age, the baby boomers will be rather staying in their homes which are at present. Because of this, there are only very few hoes which are turned over, and this will be eventually decreasing the market of the real estate. there is also another factor why many of the owners of the home in the Santa Cruz are hesitating to sell their homes is due to the fact that most of them have been stuck themselves to the mortgages where rate is fixed at the level which is low when the rates will be hitting bottom in the year 2013. The property selling now will have the meaning that they will be paying the rate which is high when they are going to buy the home which is new. So, don’t wait any further. Grab all the know-how today to get started.