Smart Addressing of the perfect Van Use

Study the general conditions carefully because most rental companies, for vehicles with a volume greater than 10 m 3, require the driver registered on the contract to be at least 21 years old and 5 years permit to be able to borrow. Going for the location vehicule utilitaire guadeloupe comes easy there.

Which van for your move?

There are 5 standard ranges in the size and dimensions of vans that can be found among the different brands on the market:

  • 3 m 3 utility vehicle
  • Utility 5 to 7 m 3
  • Utility 8 to 10 m 3
  • Utility 11 to 13 m 3
  • Utility vehicle 20 to 22 m 3 with tailgate

Some brands have their own terminology van, utility vehicle, truck and sometimes slightly different volumes 14 m 3, 15 m 3, 7.5 m 3. You should know that the platforms of the trucks are common to several brands. The templates and the dimensions thereof will, therefore, be very close, even identical. Calculate the volume of your move with the Artisans Movers simulator.

How much would it cost to hire a truck with a professional?

If you go through a professional mover, you will not have to rent an additional vehicle. This will be provided by your mover who has a fleet of vehicles adapted to the various volumes. The costs of using the vehicle, fuel, the toll will then be included in the quote he will provide you. Here are two summary tables that should help you define your rental needs for a commercial vehicle based on the volume to be moved, its dimensions, its payload and the toll category.

Rent a van with or without a tailgate?

For large vans 18-20-22 m3, a tail lift can be offered. Often more expensive to rent than without a tailgate, this solution has certain advantages for loading, but hatchback vans also have their drawbacks.

Advantages of the tailgate

The tailgate will facilitate the loading and unloading of furniture and boxes and will allow you to avoid many efforts and back pain. It will save you time, but above all more security for you and your furniture. Using a tailgate means reducing the risk of breakage when moving your goods.

Disadvantages of the tailgate

The tail lift on average divides the possible load weight in the truck by 2. In case of control and overweight found, a heavy fine could be imposed on you. In addition, the tailgate makes heavy use of your van’s battery. If you do not run the engine, you may not be able to restart due to a lack of battery. In general, the intervention costs are covered by the insurance, however, this could cause you to waste time and you could make the vehicle late and therefore pay additional costs.

What is the price of renting a vehicle to move?

Several criteria can influence the rental price of a moving van:

  • Size, volume, dimensions and size of the van.
  • The number of drivers to register with the contract.
  • The number of kilometers planned.
  • Non-compulsory insurance taken out.
  • The class of the van to anticipate expenses on the toll roads of your journey.

Discover all the Moving Solutions tips for renting a utility at the best price during your move.

The best time to rent a utility vehicle

Are you ready to move into your new home or your rental accommodation? In all cases, transporting your goods will necessarily require the use of an adequate vehicle, in this case, a utility vehicle. We often rent a utility by force of circumstances, but nothing forces you to ruin yourself.