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11850 moving Irish jobs to the Philippines – boycott anyone?

Twitter was abuzz last week of news that the company behind the 11850 directory enquiries service 11850 was closing down its Irish base with the loss of 78 jobs and moving them to the Philippines.

The story was covered last Thursday in the Irish Independent – Directory firm 11850 outsources 78 jobs to Asia. According to Twitter sources, the company behind 11850 is actually American, and it seems they’re turning to their global network for cheaper resources:

“Inevitably, the economic downturn has taken its toll on consumer and business spending, resulting in a decline in call volumes as a whole to all the 118 services.

“As a result, action is required to ensure the future delivery of services, and 11850 is fortunate to be able to draw on its global resources to meet that important objective and licence commitment.

The move to the Philippines did prompt some questioning as to how the new 11850 operators might be able to handle uniquely Irish names and place names. I wonder will they do as some British companies did when outsourcing jobs to India and bring the employees to the UK for some “immersion” training, and then make them watch Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Eastenders when they went back home.

Some people on Twitter also suggested that they would begin boycotting the 11850 service because of this move costing Irish jobs.

Boycotting is good! To be honest, we’re not good in Ireland at boycotting those companies that screw consumer around – how many people are still customers of the big banks despite everything they’ve done.

But would you be out of pocket if you stopped using 11850 and used another of the 118* services?

Back in 2008 I did some research (available here – Directory Enquiries Options and Costs) on the cost of calling directory enquiry services. At that time, the 11888 option was the cheapest, while the 11890 service was the fastest and best value for money option.

The SaveAFewBob.ie crew have recently provided an updated analysis on the costs of calling directory enquiries here – Directory Enquiries – Are you paying too much?. It seems that things haven’t change much in two years with this recent research also finding that 11888 was the cheapest option.

The sting in the tail though, is that 11888 is operated by the same people who run the 11850 number. So, if you’re boycotting 11850, you should also boycott 11888.

But then using the 11890 or Eircom 11811 alternatives is going to cost you more money.

The perennial dilemma for Irish consumers – pay dearly for your principles, or sell out for the cheaper cost!

Then again, you really shouldn’t be using directory enquiries services at all these days. Have internet on your phone? Is it free? A Google search for most businesses these days provides the contact numbers in the search results before you even have to click into the website.


Directory Enquiries – An Update – 11890 wins

Having received some feedback from 11890 in response to a couple of questions, and after checking my O2 bill, I’m not so sure I was correct about the cheapest National Directory Enquiry number any more.

Yesterday, I said that 11888 was the cheapest – and based on their pricing compared to the other providers on most phone packages, they did appear to be so.

However, while their per minute charges are amongst the smallest, they (after checking twice) are the slowest service to provide you the number you’re looking for.

So, on my O2 billpay, here’s the comparison – I asked for the same number from each company.

As you can see, all things considered, 11890 appears to be not only the cheapest, but also the fastest as well. I’ve updated the ValueIreland.com article which is available here with this new information.


What’s the cheapest national Directory Enquiries Service?

We’ve all heard the advertising for 11850, 11811 and 11890. But do you know which service is the cheapest for getting a national number via directory enquiries (assuming you’re on the move and you can’t access the free online enquiry sites)?Ever heard of 11888? Nope, I hadn’t before today. But it’s the cheapest national directory enquiry service that we can find.Check out the ValueIreland.com research on Directory Enquiry Options and Costs to learn more available from these links (national or international)., and save yourself a few quid.

As an interesting aside, you may have noticed that I haven’t given a link for a 11888 website. This 11888 number is provided by the same people as 11850 – Conduit Ltd. Yet, the registration for 11888.ie is actually owned by their competitors, the people behind 11890, Numbers Direct Ltd. A little bit sneaky I think.


11850 Advertising

Here’s a post I put on the SayNoTo1890 website recently which may be of interest to readers here. I used the 11850 directory enquiries service on my mobile on Wednesday to get a number for a hotel in Waterford.

I asked for the text back rather than asking to be put through directly (does anyone waste their money on this???). I received the text with my hotel name and number in it, but also some advertising was also included in the text which I’d never seen before.

And, as it turned out, the advertising on my text was for another Waterford hotel which just happened to be located very close to the one I was trying to contact.

Pretty interesting – you’d be very happy with this kind of advert placement if you were the hotel I wasn’t contacting. If you were the hotel I was calling, unknown to them, they’d be under serious pressure to be able to meet my requirements because I’d have a ready made alternative immediately in the same text.


Click here for the SayNoTo1890.com Website.

Click here for the SayNoTo1890.com Website.


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