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Are there businesses who actually don’t want customers?

You’d think that in these straightened times that businesses would be trying to get as much custom as they can, but given some of the conversations I’ve had recently with people, it doesn’t always seem that that’s the case.

Even in my own personal experience, I’m currently dealing with a service provider who are proving to be so useless and incompetent it doesn’t seem believable. I can’t actually believe that a company that is revealing itself to be so crap can remain in business if every customer is treated in the same way.

As time goes on, I am starting to come to the conclusion that because I’m a bit of a difficult customer that they’re treating me badly so that I’ll get pissed off with them enough to take my custom elsewhere.

And only for the fact that my investment thus far, plus the lack of feasible competition, means I can’t immediately switch, I’d be gone already.

Has anyone else found this kind of situation?


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