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More on USIT Canada flight costs ripoff

I wrote about this issue previously, but here’s an e-mail from another unhappy USIT customer:

I am inquiring about the extortionist prices that your company is charging for flights to Canada under the Under 35s Work and Travel Programme. I have recently and reluctantly paid over €1000 for a return flight to Canada. On the same day I made the sickening discovery that Air Canada could have flown me there for over €300 less than what I paid for flights with USIT. Of course you probably know all this as USIT have cleverly written it into their terms and conditions that I must fly with them (as I was told by a USIT representative on the phone).

I would like a detailed explanation for the extraordinary prices you charge for these flights and also a complete breakdown of the €495 charge of processing my visa application. I have read many many blog posts from irate customers of USIT (see boards.ie Independent Youth and Travel section for examples).

I am sure that there are many more out there also and in these recessionary times I don’t think it is necessary for  for USIT to be seen as overcharging people who are trying to make a go of it in Canada.

I wrote my response to a similar complaint in the original post, available here. To my mind, it’s unfortunately a case of “USIT’s game, USIT’s rules”.

The same question from the end of that post still stands though:

Is anyone else more familiar with this type of situation? Is there any other way to get a Canadian Visa without going through USIT – surely there should be alternatives?

I guess though, given that USIT are able to charge these prices and get away with it, there isn’t any alternative out there.


Cracking customer service – but not in Ireland

Two examples of customer service experienced recently, the first in Canada and the second in Las Vegas.

Customer: May I have a small coffee please?
Coffee shop employee: A medium?
Customer: No, a small coffee.
Coffee shop employee: We don’t have small coffees.
Customer: Then may I have your smallest coffee please?
Coffee shop employee: That will be a medium.
Customer: Sigh. What kind of business has medium as their smallest size??

This example was the response from a waitress in a casino on Freemont Street when asked if they had a buffet.

We don’t have a buffet – and if we did, it wouldn’t be open now”.


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