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Are there Irish Credit Cards with reward offers?

I received this e-mail query today:

I’m hoping this may be something you have looked into, are there any Credit Cards available through the Irish banks that offer rewards such as 1% cashback on purchases?

It appears to be quite common abroad, but haven’t heard any offers locally.

It’s not something that Value Ireland has specifically followed up on, but the best I can find at the moment is this post on AskAboutMoneyCredit Card Deals – Rewards and Cash.

I personally don’t know of any other credit cards in Ireland that provide such a cash back facility. As mentioned in the mail, it’s fairly common in other countries. I worked for Morgan Stanley in London who provide it on their Platinum Credit Card. It’s also something that the MoneySavingExpert in the UK provides some good research on.

Pity we don’t have enough competition (strong enough, rather than pure numbers of competitors) for such offers to take hold in the Irish market. (Leaving aside the arguments for and against using credit cards in the first place).


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