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Newsletters – I was just paranoid apparently

I wrote here a while ago about getting no e-mails after subscribing to a number of website, wondering if they were just harvesting e-mail addresses of if something was ever actually delivered.

I can confirm that I have received an e-mail newsletter from the National Consumer Agency last week announcing their happiness with the MCD compensation announcement. I have also received newsletter 6 from the You & Your Money website. If you’re interested in consumer stuff, they’re worth subscribing to.

Just an addition, one agency who are pretty consistent with their e-mail newsletter are the Competition Authority. They will always announce new press releases via their e-mail.

And in an interesting inbox of e-mails after being away for a few days, the National Consumer Agency also responded to my e-mail to them letting then know that their RSS feeds aren’t working – well, not the NCA, but the organisation in that seems to have their outsourced contract for the website at least.


Consumer newsletter subscriptions. Am I paranoid, or is it just me?

I was reading this piece in todays Irish Independent about the relaunched Financial Regulator website for consumers.
I haven’t had a look through it yet, but I was drawn to the mention in the article of being able to subscribe to an e-mail newsletter. I have now subscribed using my valueireland.com e-mail address.

Lets hope this subscription is better than 3 others I’ve subscribed to in the past, but haven’t ever received any communications whatsoever. Does anyone else subscribe to any of the following? Have you ever received any communications?

As I’ve never received any communications yet, I have resubscribed to all of the above again. So, either these promised communications are never actually sent (and if so, then why bother advertising a newsletter apart from just hoarding e-mail addresses), or they’re just not delivering to me.

I do know of one business who regularly scans their e-mail subscribers listing to make sure they’re not sending any communications to “undesirables”. Given my criticism of the NCA and scepticism regarding Eddie Hobbs, I wonder am I victim to these filters.

Let me know if you’ve received any of the above newsletters – even better, can you forward them to me here please?

On the positive side, the European Consumer Centre, Dublin have a newsletter which arrives regularly and provides some quite interesting and useful information. You can sign up for this one here.


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