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What happens if I buy something but change my mind

Here’s an e-mail we received from a ValueIreland.com reader some time ago. It brings up an issue that many of us might encounter after buying stuff. We like the item in the shop when we pick it and buy it, but when we get home, we’re not so sure any more.

We’re just not happy with it – either it doesn’t fit properly, the colour is wrong, or it just doesn’t fit in with the wardrobe or the style of the room. It could be anything – clothes, furniture or carpets. The key thing here is that there’s nothing wrong with the product – we just don’t want it any more.

Hi. I recently purchased some carpet from Carpetright in Liffey Valley and within 3 hrs of making the purchase with my Laser card over the phone, I changed my mind. This was Thursday 18th December to be delivered on the 22nd.

When I rang back to cancel my order, I was told no problem then a few hours later I got a call stating that as this was an English store they wouldnt be able to do anything for me as “Head Office” had to issue me with a cheque for that amount, and that I should get it in about 4 weeks.

I find this utterly crazy, is this legal ? How can any store working under Irish law be allowed to keep my money even though I recieved no goods or services. Would I be allowed to keep their carpet for four weeks and then decide that I didnt want it ? I doubt it.

Either way, could you please tell me if they are working  within regulations, and if I have any other options in this regard.

In answer to the final questions, the shop are working within regulations – and in fact, they’re being a lot more accommodating to the customer than they need to be. The reference to “Head Office” and so on is really a red herring – if that’s how they process refunds, then that’s how they do business.

In reality, the customer really has no other options because of the fact that they just changed their mind rather than anything being wrong with the carpet, and in such situations the shop isn’t actually obliged to give a refund at all.

There are some shops that would not be so accommodating – shops are not obliged to give you a refund if you change your mind, but many will. If you’re finding it hard to get a refund, maybe try to get a compromise where they give you a credit note for sometime in the future.


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