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Sterling Euro Dual Pricing – A reader perspective

We received this e-mail recently from a ValueIreland.com reader:

I am delighted to see that there is a campaign to highlight the price difference between sterling and euro still being charged in the UK stores.  I was in Boots in Galway recencly and saw and item marked £50 sterling and €75 euro, exactly the same as when the difference was at its highest. All the other UK stores, New Look, M&S etc are still doing the same.  Will this be highlighted in the Media  to make people aware of the ‘rip off’ that is going on.

Unfortunately, the only thing that we can do is to highlight this issue to people since there’s no way to control the prices that people charge.

It’s down to the consumers themselves whether or not they actually buy these overpriced items or not.

Since these prices have never changed, it’s obvious that there are still some consumers who are paying those prices – enough in fact that the shops don’t feel the need to drop their prices in order to attract business and sell their stock.

The only real solution to the sterling euro price differences in stores is for consumers to not buy the items and shop elsewhere.


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