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Traffic numbers for Dublin – are they telling us a different story?

There was an article a couple of weeks ago in the Irish Times that repeated a story from 6 or 7 months ago. Back then I’d drafted a post about the ridiculousness of the contents, but lost it somewhere, so here we go again.

Here’s the gist of the story:

MORE THAN 3,000 extra cars are now driven into Dublin city during the daily morning rush hour period than four years ago, despite an increase in buses and the introduction of Luas.

New figures, to be put before Dublin City Council’s traffic committee tomorrow, show an 11 per cent decrease in cars entering the city each morning over the last 10 years. However since a low of 60,600 cars making the morning 7am-10am commute in 2005, the amount of car traffic has increased annually to 63,976 last year.

Think about this. How likely is it that the 11% decrease in traffic reported above was actually because between those hours the traffic was so shit that people needed to drive to work in earlier to make it to their desks on time?

So people were having to leave home earlier, get to the office earlier, have a snooze for a while in their cars maybe, and get to their desks for 9am. All to avoid the shocking traffic that was in Dublin between 7am and 9am during most of the Celtic Tiger years.

I wonder what the traffic statistics for the 6am to 7am window were like during these years. At a guess, I’d say they increased significantly.

Anyone who drives regularly around Dublin at the moment will tell you that the recession is making traffic a lot lighter these days. This can probably be combined with the massive improvements on the M50 where its now no longer quicker to go through town instead.

So if traffic is better now, then it’d make sense for people to leave it later and later to drive to work.

One colleague who always driver to work has said how she used to always leave Swords before 7am but now that traffic has improved she’s gradually left it later and later that she can now leave home some mornings after 8am and still be in work on time.

It could quite conceivably be that because these people are no longer driving driving to work before 7am, but instead waiting until later because of the lighter traffic, that is showing us this “increase” in traffic in the 7am to 10am window.

Lies, damn lies, and statistics!


Newspaper advert that looks like spam

I noticed this advert in either the Metro or the Herald AM a few months ago It looked a little dodgy to me. Click on the image for a larger version.

Why does it look dodgy to me?

  • The use of a logo that looks like it might be something to do with Dublin City council or some other official Dublin authority.
  • The use of the words PUBLIC NOTICE
  • The slight scaremongering related to something that many people may be nervous about – gas
  • The artificial deadline of April 30th
  • The spurious use of the (C) copyright symbol
  • The use of small print at the end of the advert
To me, this advert has all the hallmarks of what you’d expect from a spammer sending an e-mail trying to look like an AIB e-mail. I’m not suggesting that it is, but it certainly has the appearance of being a scam.

In reality, the advert is for a real company – HSG – as per the letters set within the Dublin Castle logo. Though, when you look at their website, there’s no sign of the HSG/Dublin castle logo at all.

Their site looks professional enough, but still, I wouldn’t have done business with them on the basis of their newspaper advertising.


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