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National Consumer Agency – a complete waste of money?

I don’t always agree with what Michael Hennigan from Finfacts.ie has to say, but last week I couldn’t but agree with what he had to say about my friends in the National Consumer Agency:

An illustration of out-of-control public spending is provided by the State body, the National Consumer Agency, which was established to ensure consumers get value for money but it could well begin with itself –  a chief executive who was recruited from a small insurance industry body, presumably got a huge salary hike to the current level of over €182,000 plus pension benefits.

A board of 14 sets policy and after more than 3 years of operation, there isn’t even a basic online price comparison service available – that of course would require a multi-million euro investment as who among the Insiders, would trust a value-for-money start-up with such a mighty task? So much for the knowledge economy and blather on innovation, when services like Facebook could be launched from a university dorm!

The full article is available here – Irish Economy 2009: Balancing the Budget by improving the public sector.


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