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I’m with Conor Faughnan of the AA on this one

In the recent NRA hearings on the plans for the new barrier free tolling the AA Public Affairs Manager Conor Faughnan has called for extra taxes to be placed on petrol rather than impose the new planned tolls on the M50.

I have to completely agree with Mr.Faughnan, but would actually like to see changes go further. We should remove all motor taxes (including the daft new emissions based taxes) and the VRT, and replace them both with extra taxes on petrol. By following this suggestion, we have a pure pay per usage situation, which is emmininently more fair than our current situations.

Back to Mr.Faughnan at the hearings:

The AA today called for the tolls to be abandoned and replaced with a two cent per litre ‘infrastructure levy’ on fuel, which it said would raise more money with far less waste.

“NRA figures envisage a set-up cost of €13 million and an ongoing operating cost of €25 million annually, based on 2008 prices. This would mean that of the €80 million collected in revenue each year over 30 per cent would disappear in costs. This is scandalously wasteful,” said AA public affairs manager Conor Faughnan.

To my mind however, the words “scandalously wasteful” brings us to why such proposals as mine and Mr.Faughnan will never happen. Just imagine the number of civil servants who would need to be otherwise engaged if they weren’t required to oversee motor tax in each county, and centrally in Shannon, as well as those who oversee the VRT system. It’ll be much easier for the government to avoid such a situation rather than do the sensible thing and bring in pay per use when it comes to car usage.


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