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Consumer Affairs / Personal Finance newspaper columnists – a listing

I’m trying to put together a listing of journalists writing in the area of consumer affairs and personal finance. Here’s who I’ve come up with so far:

  • Conor Pope – Pricewatch, The Irish Times, Monday
  • Paul Cullen – The Irish Times
  • Gareth Naughton – The Sunday Tribune, Sunday
  • Charlie Weston – The Irish Independent, Tuesday
  • Tina Leonard – The Irish Independent (Smart Consumer), Thursday
  • Ben Dunne – The Irish Sun, Saturday
  • Dermott Jewell – The Irish News of the World, Sunday
  • Niall Brady & John Cradden – The Sunday Times, Sunday
  • Kathleen Barrington – The Sunday Business Post, Sunday
  • Louise McBride – The Sunday Independent, Sunday
  • Eddie Hobbs – The Irish Daily Star, Thursday
  • Emma Kennedy – Sunday Business Post, Sunday
  • Nick Web, The Sunday Independent, Sunday
  • Niamh Hennessy, The Irish Examiner
  • Colm Rapple, The Irish Examiner

Am I missing anyone else? I don’t believe there is anyone specifically covering this kind of thing in The Irish Examiner. Not sure about the Irish Daily Mail.


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