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Problems with O2 Experience Customer Service

Alexia has a post here bringing to an end, sort of, a saga of poor customer service experienced at the hands of O2. Also linked in that post are other poor customer experiences suffered by some others as well.

It was only last week that I had what was actually a funny experience in the O2 shop at the top of Grafton Street – but which when you look at should be very disappointing for O2, especially if they’re following up as a result of Alexia’s experiences.

I took a SanDisk 4gb memory card down from the display that had a selection of memory cards available and took to the counter to pay for it. The display items are obviously dummys as the guy went into the back for 4-5mins and brought out another pack and rang it up in their till.

  • O2 staff member: “That’ll be €39 please”.
  • ValueIreland: “€39? The 4gb card I picked says it’s only €29”.
  • O2 staff member: “Yeah, but that’s the Nokia version of the memory card. The Sony Ericsson version is €39”.
  • ValueIreland: “Nice to know, but I picked the Nokia version from the display because I have a Nokia phone”.
  • O2 staff member: “Oh! Do you want me to get the Nokia one for you?”
  • ValueIreland: “Eh, yes, please!”

Clown!!!! Nearly 10minutes for the simple transaction of buying a memory card.


Taxi receipts – have you ever been given one?

I don’t think I’ve ever received a receipt from a taxi driver since it became the responsibility of taxi drivers to provide a printed receipt upon payment for a taxi journey. Nor have I asked for one either.

Have you ever been given one automatically? Have you ever asked for one? What was the response – was it given or was the machine “not working at the moment”?

Just so you know, if you have a complaint against a taxi driver, you’d be much better off providing a copy of your receipt – it’s the best way to identify the taxi in question, and confirm that you actually used it on the time/date in question.

This taxi spotted yesterday obviously doesn’t hand out receipts. (Apologies again for the crappy N95 pictures).


Stop the Presses – Competition Arrived in Ireland Today

The Vodafone website today is offering the Nokia N95 8GB version for between €169 and €229 depending on the price plan that you sign up for.

Any takers on the possibility that they’ve been prodded into this because of the forthcoming iPhone launch on the O2 network in a couple of weeks time?

This is an unbelievably better offer than the useless upgrade offer they had when I wanted to get the normal N95 last year. Back then, they were offering to me on an upgrade for €469. This new Vodafone offer is even better than the €269 or whatever it was that I eventually paid for the normal N95 when I moved to O2 instead.

So, competition does work in lowering prices apparently. So, what does that say for how our supermarkets are supposedly “competing” when their prices are pretty much all the same?


Nice job to O2

I had a problem with my Nokia N95 over the past couple of days. For some reason, I couldn’t open any text messages that I received.

Doing a search of the Nokia Forums, it seems like it’s a familiar problem, but with no specific fix. I did try the factory reset as suggested, but it didn’t fix anything.

I went into the O2 shop at the top of Grafton Street and since the phone was still under warranty, they swapped it and I was sorted within 10 minutes. Excellent customer service in there, and no problems whatsoever.


Share your knowledge of free WiFi Hotspots (official and unofficial)

Via Damien and Conor) here’s an excellent piece of work from eirepreneur. It’s a collaborative listing on a Google Map of Ireland of free WiFi hotspots.

After becoming a new user of the Nokia N95 late last year, and more particularly the mobile client version of the Slingbox, free WiFi hotspots have now become like the holy grail for me. I had been using this site to base my research on previously.

There used to be one close enough to my office (thanks to some lax security within some government or European institution), but that one’s gone now.

All you need now is your Gmail account log-in to add any sites you’re aware of – I’ll be adding McGowans in Phibsboro myself if it’s not there already.

If the Eurocrats are going to stop us getting city wide free WiFi, the least we might do is patronise business that provide this value added service – maybe more of them might start to provide it also, or at least stop charging ridiculous amounts for accessing their service.


Nokia N95 – update on sending texts

First of all, thank you to fabio cerullo for his comments in an effort to help regarding the problems I was having with sending texts with O2 on my new Nokia N95.

As it turned out, the solution was quite simple – simple enough that it probably should have taken O2 less than the 5 days that it took to fix, but how and ever, all good now.

The solution: If you’ve previously been on O2, and you port away to another network, and then port back to O2 sometime later, if you were a Speakeasy pay-as-you-go customer you will automatically be ported back as a Speakeasy customer – even if you’re actually signing back on as a bill pay customer.

So, having been Speakeasy previously, and now porting back as a bill customer, I was trying to send texts, but the O2 system thought I was still Speakeasy – but had no credit – and therefore was preventing texts. This was only on their SMSC though, since I was able to make phone calls without a problem. (As it turns out, it must also have impacted on their wap service too, because I can now access the internet now also).

However, credit to O2 customer service in Limerick – very helpful!!!


Nokia N95 that can do everything except send texts

As mentioned recently, I recently left Vodafone to join O2 on the basis of getting a similar monthly package and getting a cheaper N95 phone.

There were some great comments about the N95 here in yesterdays Sunday Tribune.

Personally, I’d have to agree with most of the comments there (both the positive and the negative). However, at the moment, after having the phone connected since Friday, I still can’t send text messages and can’t access the internet via the phone.

And O2 are currently stumped. They’ve given me a new SIM card, and nothing fixed. I can put other SIM cards into the phone and do everything necessary, but apparently the combination of SIM and phone will “just not be compatible, but that only happens very rarely”. Twice for me?

My issue has currently been “escalated” to the technicians in Dublin because the customer service people in Limerick can’t figure out what’s going on.

While this is most frustrating, I have to say that the O2 customer service people I’ve dealt with in Limerick have so far been excellent. One can only hope they keep it up, and sort this out pretty quickly.

Anyone else have such an experience with the N95, or with any other Nokian Symbian S60 type phone on O2? Any easy answers?


Customer retention, again

A while ago, I commented about why I found it so hard to understand why Irish businesses seem to be not too bothered about trying to keep customers.

I’m in the middle of such an experience myself again – with another telco coincidentally. I’ve been with Vodafone for the past year. I’ve just become eligible for an upgrade, and decided to check out the Nokia N95.

The Vodafone upgrade price is €439. And on the O2 website, I can move my account to a similar tariff and get the same phone for €269. So, for the same outlay every month (and a few extra free texts with O2 than I’d get with Vodafone) I can save myself €170.

I’ve had no complaints with Vodafone over the past year or so, but there’s been nothing in that year to build any brand loyalty. So, for the better offer, I’m off to O2. Lets see what they’re like for a year anyway, and I’ll follow the deal next time around as well.


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