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Sub-Prime Crisis? Think of the …… pets!

If I told you about the research I was doing in order to come across this Animals in the Press website, you definitely wouldn’t believe me.

Their most recent story, Family pets fall victim to subprime crisis, was what caught my attention. Those damn capitalists have a lot to answer for:

Shelters across the country have seen sharp upticks in the number of people giving up their pets in recent months because they have been forced out of their homes. And — more tragically — neighbors, police and foreclosure agents are finding increasing numbers of pets left to fend for themselves in abandoned homes.

“We’re finding too many animals who have starved to death,” said Stephanie Shain, director of outreach for the Human Society of the United States.

While some people dump their pets on the street, others go so far as to lock the animal in a closet where their cries for help are harder to hear, she said.

It can take weeks for an animal to starve to death and desperate scratch and bite marks are usually found on doors and windows.


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