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Dublin Airport Authority plastic bag charges – there’s no reason to pay

Irish News of the World

May, 2009

Diarmuid MacShane


Can the Dublin Airport Authority really get away with charging us €1 for those little plastic bags at their security checks? It’s them who make us use them in the first place so surely they should provide them?


Unfortunately, as the saying goes, “it’s their game so their rules apply”. When you think of it, €1 for a clear plastic bag is a bit steep – when bigger plastic bags only cost 22c in the supermarket thanks to the bag tax.

The trick is to be prepared. From here on in now, as part of your packing preparations, just get a freezer bag to put your toiletries in. For up to €3 in your local supermarket you can buy anything from 20 to 40 of these freezer bags which would be perfectly acceptable.

But make sure they’re completely clear – I’ve seen reports where any type of sticker or greyed out area used to write a description on is deemed unacceptable by some airports.

If you want the fancy resealable Ziploc clear bags, Ebay.ie have loads of options to buy these for as little as 1c each depending on the size.


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