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Unsolicited Text Messages

I’m following up for someone on some unsolicited premium text messages they’ve been receiving that’s been taking €3 a pop from their pre-paid balance. I’ve mailed tonight the service provider themselves, the persons mobile phone provider, and Regtel – the regulator. We’ll see how things proceed.

Until then – here’s some unsolicited text messages I got over the weekend just gone.

Sunday 09:52 – Morning babe you up yet i am hard as a rock ha ha

So I responded that he’d probably got the wrong number, but thanks for sharing!!!

Sunday 10:01 – God sorry hope i didn’t ofend you

I didn’t respond to that. No need to. Should have been the end of things.

Sunday 10:05 – Did you get the picture i sent you can you please delete

So I just responded back that I hadn’t received a picture message. End of story? Nope.

Sunday 10:28 – If it do cum in delete after you finished with it will you thanks

Which I ignored – bit of a weird tone though. No need to follow up any further since I hadn’t received the picture. But then, this morning:

Monday 09:20 – Good morning did you delete the cock picture i sent you can you let me no please

Intriguing 🙂 I was out of coverage for 3g over the weekend, so either the “cock” is still on it’s way, or it’s winging it’s way around the ether looking for somewhere to go.


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