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Right of Reply: Independent Irish Coffee Shops

This e-mail came through last week in response to my comment about the specials being offered by a particular coffee shop in Dublin 2.

I notice your recent reference to insomnia and the great value they offer.
Well, we offer much better value but never get any recognition and it really pisses me off. I only use ORGANIC coffee and offer a free ” chez emily” irish handmade chocolate with each coffee – all coffees now only 2.50!!!!!!!!!! that’s 12oz by the way.
We have same deals as insomnia – sandwich + coffee 4.95 and coffee and pastry/scone 2.95, coffee+pannini 5.95 but we also have a sandwich + 500ml water 2.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two water for one euro!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also you can choose your fillings on the sandwich, pannini + coffee deals. [two fillings and two salads] and the bread.
ALSO we use really good ingredients- gm free -free-range eggs and real ham and a small family run bakery.
We also offer a free banana when you buy a sandwich [most days] we also offer student discount on sandwiches and panninis.
I am sick of hearing about multiples offering good value – what about the small independents that offer real choice, real value and REAL SERVICE -that seems to be something that’s  never mentioned these days.
Any chance of a little publicity to help us or are we doomed to having boring impersonal coffee shop chains as well as supermarkets everywhere?

The above is from the owner of the RunnerBean Cafe on Nassau Street. I’m familiar with the place so I’m only too happy to publish this.


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