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The Irish Scam Awareness Month… Finally!

As per the “anonymous” poster in response to my comments previously about the National Consumer Agency failing to follow the rest of Europe by not having a scam awareness month last February, I had an e-mail notification from them this week.

The National Consumer Agency has launched a major scams awareness campaign. Find out about the top ten common scams, how to spot the tricksters and who to contact. Tell us about scams you have experienced and listen to our new
podcast about how to avoid being conned out of your money.All at http://www.consumerconnect.ie

Better late than never I suppose! I’m only back from holidays, so I’ll have a look through the stuff and make more comment as necessary.


February is Scam Awareness Month in the UK

I was reading this article today about mobile phone retailers being rapped for giving out difficult to get discounts, and for having excessive small print associated with these offers.

It was interesting to see that this was being mentioned in the context of February being “Scam Awareness Month” in the UK, organised by the Office of Fair Trading. The details of this campaign are as follows:

The Office of Fair Trading has joined forces with trading standards
departments, Citizens’ Advice, the police, charities and neighbourhood watch
schemes across the country in a month-long campaign to educate the public on
mass-marketed scams received via email, post or telephone calls.

Here in Ireland, we have the National Consumer Agency who have had a small campaign trying to alert the public about the dangers of falling for certain scams such as “prize draws” and pyramid schemes.

It’s a pity we in Ireland couldn’t have a more concerted effort amongst all of the relevant agencies in an effort to warn the public of the many possible ways people can be scammed these days. Though, apparently, Scams Awareness Month, is part of an international initiative organised by the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network. It seems that the Office of Director Of Consumer Affairs (now part of the National Consumer Agency) is a participant in this Network. Why no campaign in Ireland I wonder? I’ve sent a mail to the NCA asking this very question.

This website, MoneyExtra has details of a number of scams we should all watch out for. In the meantime, click here to see a listing of the Value Ireland Tips amongst which we provide tips on avoiding a number of different scams.


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