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Eye Glasses in Northern Ireland?

Update: Check out the 2016 listing of Special Offers from the various Northern Ireland grocery chains.

This e-mail came in from a regular ValueIreland.com reader in recent days. It shows a potential option for getting cheaper eye glasses up North. If you’re up there already doing your shopping and want to take advantage, it could be worth a bit of planning to arrange an eye check up and so on.

Three years have passed and I went to see about an eye test and the cost of a new pair of glasses – to Vision Express Liffey Valley.  To match what I had with test came to nearly €900.  That set me thinking what this might cost in N.I.  so this morning I went to Craigavon for a change to the Rushmere Centre, very uncrowded, not like Newry… and into Spec Savers.

I bought Designer Glasses, the whole caboodle, better quality than my previous ones, and a second pair for £580 including the eye test for £17.

I am talking variofocal lenses as thin as thin can be.  They were so professional and helpful.   I would have got the eye test cost back down here and some small stipend towards the glasses BUT I would still be poor.

I highly recommend this company at this address.  For ordinary eyes that are just a tad worn, the glasses would be far less expensive.

The most expensive Designer glasses were less than £200, the one in Liffey Valley were about €400 – that is the one I was interested in.



I can see clearly now

Irish News of the World

Sunday March 22nd, 2009

Diarmuid MacShane

Q: I need to get my eyes tested soon. What the best thing to do to get value for money?

A: At the moment, there are some special offers available online from some of the bigger optician chains.

At VisionExpress.com, you can get an eye exam for half price and 10% off your prescription glasses. While at Specsavers.com you can get 2 for 1 glasses for €99, or if you’re over 60 you can get a 30% discount on your glasses.

If you don’t have either of those close to you, ask your local optician if they have any special offers at the moment.

While the opticians mightn’t like me for it, the done thing for contact lenses these days is to get your eyes tested, get your prescription, and then go online to get your contact lenses.

The above two companies sell lenses online, as do YourLenses.ie, and even the VHI. In the past, I’ve used GetLenses.com myself without any problems, and at the moment, they’re offering 1 months free lenses.

Don’t forget though, depending on your circumstances, you could get free eye care, or at least have part of your expenses met by the HSE under the Optical Benefit scheme. Ask your optician, or check the HSE.ie website for the details.


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