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A-Wear – more sterling to euro exchange rate rip-offs

I just want to air my grievances at the price difference between stg and euro with A-Wear stores. For example I see “military gold button day dress” is £30stg but €40 in this store to buy in ireland? This is charge 67p to €1? How can they justify in recessionary times to charge that much extra to buy in ireland vs uk?

The current exchange rate is 87p to €1.

I would be grateful if you would publish this on your website to highlight this to as many people as possible. I have written to their head office also but would like to advise ppl in ireland of this so they can vote with their feet until Awear reduce their prices !


Sterling to euro conversion ripoffs – other costs to be aware of

This e-mail came through from a reader recently – something to be careful of. Remember though, if you’re going to be subjected to such a charge, you need to be told about it up front. If it’s something that you’re credit card company is going to charge you, it should be in your terms and conditions.

                    There is another side to conversion problems i.e. euro to sterling conversion.

I had to book up a hotel in Cork for several people using the Aer Ligus hotel booking site.

First booking was made in the morning and the second in the evening both using the same Aer Lingus site, both with the same card, both for the same date and both for the same hotel.

    When I received my card statement it included a commission charge of £10 for conversion from euros to pounds sterling for the first booking but nothing for the second booking (sterling to sterling). 


H&M added to the “dual pricing rip off” hall of shame

This e-mail came through recently.

I have just returned from a shopping expedition with my wife and 2 daughters in Dublin city centre. My daughters are very fond of H+M and I also found 3 pairs of trousers that I liked. The Sterling price of the trousers per pair was £19.99 and the Euro price was €29.99. I’m absolutely flabbergasted by the extortionate exchange rate that is continually used by H+M since the Euro is now trading at 0.876397 which gives these trousers a Euro price of €22.80 if the true exchange rate were used. This exchange rate has been hovering around the 0.87 to 0.89 mark for some time.

A simple question must be asked. Why are H+M over charging the already hard pressed Irish consumer a whopping 32% more than their English counterparts? The answer I suspect is because they can. To add further insult, that wouldn’t take Sterling cash ( which I didn’t have anyway) for the Sterling price shown on the price tag. This just proves that it’s a carefully orchestrated pricing policy.

Any ideas on how to have this criminal practice highlighted would be appreciated.

A common topic from ValueIreland.com readers, but this reader has answered his own question – these shops charge these prices because they can, and because unfortunately there are still Irish consumers out there who’ll pay what’s asked unquestioningly.


Argos – more sterling to euro conversion issues

Following on from this mornings post, here’s another example sent through from a ValueIreland.com reader. Same response applies for this afternoon, but interestingly, you can also see the Argos justification also:

Just another example of British retailers looking to Rip off Irish Consumers here.

I was looking to buy a Sony Playstation 3 from Argos in Ireland but the difference between Ireland and the UK was over 22%. I queried it and Argos said it was down to currency. This can’t be right, if they are buying from one centralised location, they are paying the same price. This is profiteering by British Retail chain and blatantly at that. Please see the mail below from them.

This is the response that was sent to the reader from Argos:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the price of the Playstation 3 with 80Gb Hard Disc Drive.

I am sorry to read your views regarding the price of the items you have been looking at.  Argos always aims to be competitive in the market and review our prices on a regular basis with numerous offers throughout the year.  The price difference to Ireland takes into account the additional shopping costs and the currency conversion.  The prices are fixed when they are put in the catalogue, taking into account the currency rate at that time.  Whilst we look to be competitively priced as far as possible, it is also not possible to adjust the price every time there is a change in the exchange rate.

I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Sterling to Euro price conversion issue – again

This e-mail came in from a ValueIreland.com reader recently:

My query is about the pricing of the products in the Asian food Shops. Most of the ethnic foods in Ireland is imported from UK and they have the Sterling price printed on the them but the converted prices in Euros over the till are very high as compared to Sterling amount and sometimes its more than double. This has nothing to do with the conversion rate between Euros and Sterling but in general the products are very expensive.

If these products are imported from UK; then they should not be priced at such an rate as the sellers/ vendors are making huge margins both in UK and Ireland. And if they are directly imported from Asia; then they are are already priced at an reasonable rate for end-consumer in Sterling and the seller in Ireland is making double the profits then their couterparts in UK. But in both the insatnces its the people of Ireland who are paying from their nose for these products.

I will be in a position to produce the bills and packagings to support my claims.

And what is becoming my standard response to these types of e-mails:

Unfortunately, what you’re finding is quite common across many stores in Ireland. Shops in Ireland are allowed charged whatever they want since Ireland has no price control legislation. Therefore the only things that will control prices will be the costs of the retailer and the price that the Irish consumer is willing to pay.

As I’ve highlighted many times before on ValueIreland.com, Irish consumers in the past have been more than happy to pay the high prices charged in many stores, and it’s only in the last year are so since money became tighter that people have started to ask more questions than before about the prices charged.

The only option for Irish consumers is to shop elsewhere – ideally, to find stores that are charging more realistic prices. The options then for the stores charging the higher prices is to either close down because they’re getting no business (as we’ve seen many stores close already) or drop their prices to try to attract consumers back to their stores (as we’ve seen Tesco do in their border stores).


Filling prescriptions in Northern Ireland can save you money

A regular reader of ValueIreland.com has sent us in this e-mail about getting prescriptions filled in Northern Ireland – something I wasn’t aware of.

My husband gets 2 x 6 months prescriptions annually for tablets and I buy them this way rather than monthly. I imagine I make a saving but in reality that is probably not the case. Today we got the prescription and I decided to telephone a chemist in the North to enquire

1. If they would take a Southern Prescription
2. How much for the six months?

The answer – since last November new legislation provides that they can fill any prescription from any European country and they costed the prescription, here I pay €500 – there tomorrow, I will pay €374, a saving of €126.(€252 saving in a year and I have to earn €500 to pay this).

They also said they would welcome my business.

In addition they sell Celebrity Slim which I buy now and then at a saving of €4.50 a pack, so will stock up on them too. Its not all down to the currency exchange.

Now my tyres are nearing the legal limit so it’s a no-brainer…..


Buy in sterling. Refund in Euro. Quids in!

This interesting e-mail came through recently from a regular ValueIreland.com reader. I’m not advocating that people actually do this, but it just shows that for everything the retailers to try to do to squeeze money out of the unfortunate consumer they haven’t actually covered all their bases.

I bought bits of things in Marks & Spencer in Northern Ireland.  I decided I did not want them. I brought them back to Liffey Valley without the receipt and they gave me the full Euro value in the store.  I had paid £50 for the items which in Euro was less that €60, but I got a credit note for €75.

I will have to test bringing the item back with the receipt and see what happens. I have a dress in fact with the sterling receipt.   So if I bought an expensive item for return,  a dress costing £100, converted to €113 cost and returned at €150 in the South,  I could make Euro to cover my petrol costs! Do you think?


Sterling to Euro conversion rip off again

Another e-mail from a reader about the sterling to euro conversion rip off. Unfortunately things aren’t changing, despite falling costs in Ireland at the moment.

I’m emailing you because I’m hopping, ripping mad with rage at yet another example of overpricing, and need to get it out of my system!  I was in my local Centra today, was about to buy the Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special, and noticed that the sterling cover price of 1.82 had become 4.40 euro.  I pointed this out to the assistant and asked if she could check it because it was clearly wrong. She pointed to the Euro price for Greece and Spain of 4.40, saying that was the price.

I asked if she could check, she hadn’t time.  I asked for a manager, who wasn’t available. I told her I’d show her the conversion on another magazine for comparison, but she really wasn’t interested and by this stage a queue was starting to form so I said I’d check another magazine and come back to her.  The ‘normal’, i.e weekly Woman’s Weekly had a sterling price of 82p, Euro price for Greece/Spain of 2.70, Irish price 1.18 Euro. OK, a 50% markup, but I’m used to that.  Back into the queue, saw a manager this time, he said the 1.18 price was wrong and should be 2.70!

OK, it’s only a magazine, but I really wanted it.  Only, not at that price!

This has happened several times, which is why I’m spitting about it.  I was really embarrassed, other customers clearly thought I was making a big deal, but – a markup of nearly 150%??? And I’M the one left feeling bad??

Is there anything we can do about this?  I hate having stand-up rows in shops, it’s mortifying – but it’s far worse to be ripped off!! (And actually I don’t even think they’re trying to . . .)


More sterling euro conversion complaints

This e-mail arrived in the ValueIreland.com inbox in the past couple of weeks, detailing an issue that we’re all familiar with at this stage:

I was in Marks and Spencers Blanchardstown today – to get a dressing gown for someone. The price tag was €55, over a price of £35. There is no way I would pay this charge up. After querying this with a staff person, she advised me to complain saying the staff themselves thought the sterling – euro rate was a rip-off! She gave me a number to ring but when I tried it, it is out of service.

So I’m venting my frustration here! Have you any advice who I can complain to in M&S? It looks like all the pressure and publicity on M&S (and maybe other retailers like them) isn’t having much effect. Is it all hot air from the govt? All bark and no bite?

I took a photo of price tag and feel like sending it to a media outlet somewhere (and ideas?)  – naming and shaming might be the only thing that works.

As per my normal response to this kind of e-mail, there’s not really a whole lot that we as individuals can do, and any efforts at a more sustained united approach (such as the Q102 Ignore that Store campaign) simply fizzle out due to lack of interest from most except for a small few concientious consumers.

Unfortunately, though many people are experiencing the same issues as you have highlighted here, there’s not a whole lot we as individual consumers can do except for not shopping in stores where we think we’re being ripped off.

The fact that these shops continue to have these massive euro vs sterling price differences means that there are still enough people in the country willing to spend the asking money, ignoring the massive price gap.

All the stores involved in this sterling conversion ripoff have been repeatedly named and shamed in all sorts of media, yet the practice continues.

I’ll publish your experience on the website (leaving out your personal details) to draw others attention to the issue.

I’m sorry I can’t be any more positive on this, but this has been an issue for nearly 18 months at this stage, yet any negative coverage is ignored by the stores and mostly ignored by the shoppers who still spend money in the offending stores.


The Sun supports Irish consumers – sort of, maybe

This e-mail arrived in the ValueIreland.com inbox a couple of weeks ago.

Seems the Sun newspaper has decided to champion the consumer in the fact that irish consumers pay more for retail goods over the UK consumer  (see april 3 rd edition), marks and spencer and some other retailers were named and shamed and they are asking the public to call in and tell them of more nasty rip of retailers. So i did and told them of one i know.

However it wasnt the one they wanted to hear, when i informed  this rip off retailer was her company the SUN the lady on the phone said lady said “point taken” and put the phone down!. So suprising then that the Sun newspaper in the uk only costs 30 PENCE and the Sun in ireland costs 90 CENTS. Myself i have called them preiousley regarding this matter but with no reply. It does smack of the kettle calling the pot black dont you think.


I’m not familiar with this campaign, though I have checked the paper on a couple of occasions to see what they have to say. I’m told that my friends in the Consumers Association of Ireland are also involved. Lets hope their involvement in this campaign has more effect than the ill-fated Q102 Ignore that Store campaign before Christmas.


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