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What is the Spirit of Ireland all about?

For a couple of weeks I’d seem much positive comment about a project called “The Spirit of Ireland”, including in last weekends Sunday Business Post –Spirit of Ireland plans energy transformation.

I don’t know anything about this proposal apart from the highlevel details provided on the Spirit of Ireland website plus any details provided in the overwhelmingly positive newspaper coverage. My observation here is on the coverage of the idea, rather than the idea itself.

The unquestioning coverage given to this idea strikes me as very similar to that given to The Ideas Campaign (whatever happened to that then?). At a time when, as a country, we could all do with some good news, it’s a pity that anything vaguely positive is reported without any real analysis being done into the details.

For some more detailed and reasoned analysis of the Spirit of Ireland project, check out the Irish Economy blog and Turbulence Ahead.


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