The most important things to know about Ghana highlife music

Ten days in Africa is a movie that will offer you an insightful and great look at filmmaker Regi Allen’s journey to West Africa. Allen is an award-winning African-American producer, editor, and also a media design artist who travelled along with many other African-American people to seek and learn about the African continent. In his film, what Allen does is that he records all the movements of the group. Ghana Music Download to downland the ghana music and hear it. He records this in between the countries like Ghana, Senegal, and Cote d’Ivoire. He also shares his cultural experience and the exchange of cultural experience. One of the ways to draw a fine line between the African and the American culture is to see the major difference that has been cultivated in the pop culture of the different societies that reside in the African country. There is a huge evolution in art, music, literature, and media between these cultures. And media is something that has offered one of the best and a good view of the changing culture in the shape and the tone of the African countries. Fr examp0le, jazz is something that has its origin in America which is parallel to the origin of the ghana highlife music in the West African countries. Highlife started out in ghana at the earlier times of the twentieth centuries and to date, it remains constant and vita; to the African music scene. Before watch Allens ten days in Africa it is recommended to check out the important facts about the history of the  Ghana highlife music:

1. A descendant of traditional Akan music

The culture of Akan is one of the oldest and the predominant ethnic group in Ghana. It is also the oldest linguistic group in Africa. This Akan culture has the most influence on cultural identity and the music transition in the country. Their music staples are something that has become almost like a backbone of the highlife music. Though a piece of contemporary highlife music has evolved nowadays along with the trends and the technology of today’s pop culture. However, the high life music is the one which retains the melodic rhythm of the Akan music that is traditional and this also seems like cementing the importance of the music within the history and also within the culture of the popular Akan culture in the African countries.

2. Use of Western instruments

This is the part that makes the high life music as a unique one. It has a way of melting the melody that is the rhythmic traditional part and mending it with contemporary sounds from all corners of Africa and even from the different places of the world. When the highlife music tradition began and when it started to gain the momentum in the early 1900s, it was popularly known for installing the foreign techniques of using an electric guitar and also for creating multiple layers of sound and cultural fusion on the top of the existing band that is solely for brass.