The Rising Demand for Sex Toys in the Market

Even if it is only talked about privately in the public eye, the people have become much more open regarding their sexuality in recent years. Trying out something new and using sex toys will not make anyone blush anymore.

With a powerful sex toys market for women, more and more sex toys are being developed for men. The unique fun is nothing to be ashamed of and brings new fire to your bedroom.

When it comes to sex toys, women are clearly in the advantage. Not only do they have a much wider choice of products available, but in general, the use of women’s masturbation aids is more tolerated.

Many men do not even know that there is a male counterpart to the vibrator, namely specially developed masturbators. These are replicas of the sexual parts of a woman, with which men have a feeling when masturbating as in real sex with a woman. Get the best from now in the form of ideas.

Soft instead of sissy

The secret behind lifelike stimulation is a unique soft yet robust material that is very close to the nature of the female vagina and feels pleasantly warm on the skin. Depending on your preference, there are masturbators for men for vaginal sex, oral sex or anal sex. Masturbators are available in a variety of sizes and styles so that every man can experience the most pleasurable sexual experience.

The world’s most famous manufacturer of masturbators for men is Fleshlight. The American company breaks every taboo and offers the male sex a massive selection of different types of women and sex variants.

Skin material and stimulating nipples and structures in use provide a lifelike sensation and are a perfect imitation of sex. Unique accessories, such as a transparent attachment, a holding device for the shower or an interactive sex video make male sexual fantasies real.

The erotic ideas of Fleshlight can inspire Even couples. For example, many women use the anal masturbators to give their sex partners that special treat, even when they are not ready for it.

More than just a vagina

Masturbators imitate the female genitalia very realistically, but many men want more. You would like to stroke the butt of the woman, hold her breasts in the hands, etc. Of course, there is also the matching template.

Everything is possible, from individual body parts to fully replicated women. The new models have nothing to do with the inflatable rubber dolls of yesteryear. The material for the anatomically correct templates is a special rubber that feels pleasantly warm and gentle on the hand and gives way like a real body under pressure very quickly.

Reduce sexual tension

The male instinct is much more pronounced than the female one. Sexual energy builds up as a tension that needs to be broken down. That’s natural and even healthy. But why not enjoy the masturbation too? A simple cock ring guaranteed can make masturbation a pure pleasure.

Cock rings are available in various sizes and materials, some of which are equipped with vibration function, for a harder erection and longer stability. While the man himself lends a hand, the vibration ensures gentle stimulation of the penis.