The rules of writing: tips, secrets, manuals, courses and guides

Writing then has rules that can be learned by attending courses, reading editing manuals and writing courses. Where to start? Editing course teaches you everything really everything about the art and technique of writing a book. With essayprop by your side you can be the best in every limits.

Write novels, short stories and poems

For fans of creative writing experts have published a small and very nice free ten-part writing course, plus some bibliographical advice. And also specific episodes dedicated to how to write a story and also to all the main genres of the novel: you will find the secrets that lie behind the thriller, spy stories, horror, mystery, pink, fantasy, biographies and much more. And here’s a piece on everything you don’t have to do when it’s time to write your novel and that, invariably, happens. Poetry is a world, and we have dedicated an entire course to it, as well as articles, monographs and in-depth studies.

Writing and rewriting comes to a point of conclusion, and at that point we enter the phase of proofreading. Today, word processing systems offer advanced features to correct errors, but also to standardize the text from a stylistic and formal point of view. The writer must devote time and patience to this activity. But it is not enough, at a certain point it becomes fundamental to entrust your text to someone else who helps us in the revision and correction of the proofs. Here too, the Network and collaboration can help, for example by giving the possibility to exchange books by e-mail and to help with proofreading and evaluation.

Types of writing

But all of us do not just write books, there are other forms of creative writing and then there is the world of news, all that concerns writing as a tool

Write and publish

Finally, writing leads to publication, which first of all is sharing with others what has been written. Today the internet offers fairly simple tools to carry out a complex activity such as publishing a book. The self-publishing service of ilmiolibro allows you to really do everything: publish, decide on the cover, distribute, promote, receive comments and sell your book because publishing is above all a way to confront and exchange ideas. But self-publishing is now also a perfect tool for making money through one’s book, with higher margins than traditional publishing can offer and much faster payment times.

  • Blog writing has turned into one of these even better known methods for promoting by websites or online businesses. It’s one of the most effective search engine optimization tools, but it requires blogging to be done by skilled writers, not just novice and amateur. While one of the most lucrative and effective ways to facilitate online business, these blogs need to be qualitative in order to achieve this desired success.

Blog writing requires editing, proofreading, new suggestions, and relevant information. For this reason, you have to be aware of all of them and after that decide if the visitor prefers to go ahead using blog writing and posting. Although writing and blogging was just yet another means to communicate, it is not for everyone’s purpose. In fact, it is an important part of SEO. If you look at blogging as an essential service for your company’s success, in a nutshell, an essential advertising tool, you’re more likely to spend time on your organization’s schedule to make sure you write often and that blogs are for high quality.