Virtual amazing race the best online game

Virtual Amazing Race for teams to participate and travel around the world remotely. Complete challenges and compete to be the fastest team to complete to win, Available from the comfort of our own homes, our facilitator will be host the game live via a video web platform like the google meet app, providing you with fun from any location. Virtually travel around the world from the comfort of our own house. It is the best Online Amazing Race game to participate in various challenges at the different stops around the world, and race to be the fastest team to compete and win all the challenges. There will be a high range of challenging puzzles and challenges for us to work together with our team to solve and complete within the time limit.

They conducted 100% virtually, our online live facilitator will be in the Zoom meeting throughout the game to assist us and help us with some important clues. Also the best Virtual Amazing Race for some teambuilding fun with our team. Some important rules for the virtual amazing race are given below. It is approximately 1.5-hour gameplay, and suitable for ages 14 and above. Suitable for both small and large groups, minimum of 6 players to 12 players per group can participate. Minimum 6 pax to start a game, and it has high payment options too. It includes the live facilitator via Zoom/ MS Teams/Webex-like platforms. Challenging like puzzles and clues, requiring us to work together as a team to solve them to win the game.

The best interactive virtual amazing race:

Race around the world remotely from our own homes themselves with comfort. With this online Amazing Race version, we can get get the chance to travel around the world within a particular period. It had fun and suitable activity for the audience of all ages, our Virtual Amazing Race is obviously to bring joy and laughter to us and our team members. It is the best team-building activity that we can play from the comfort of our home. The virtual amazing race consists of the steps of the travel around the 7 Wonders of The World, complete challenges, and be the fastest team to complete the race within a time. At each stop, there must be various types of quizzes or challenges, that we have to complete before we move on to the next stop. The quizzes and challenges related to the location, that where we are at. This provides us with the ‘real travel’ experience.​

Work together with our team to solve puzzles and quizzes. With challenging puzzles and quizzes across the entire amazing race, be prepared to work with your brain to complete them. While we are met with obstacles along with the race, put on your thinking caps and make the challenge your minds to solve the activities. With a variety of puzzles and unique challenges in the journey, it is important to work together as a team to get the solutions to complete all the puzzles within a time. Our Virtual Amazing Race allows us to interact with our team together in each distinctive challenge. ​​​It is a great way to build team bonding, teams are required to work together to complete the challenges. With the help of a video conferencing platform, we can connect with our teammates anywhere.