What are the configurations and features of a stairlift?

For some seniors, the steps will become too troublesome to navigate thanks to restricted quality, weakened muscles, and lack of stability. As a result, the steps reception become a daily problem and are eventually avoided.

Once the steps become a challenge, several seniors could contemplate curtailment to a single-level home or going to a retirement living facility.  Fortunately, the installation of a stairlifts bristol provides a quick, and cost-effective solution for the senior citizens in Bristol, while providing many other benefits.

Configuration of stairlift

Depending on the sort of stairlift being put in, a range of configurations exists to confirm the stairlift is meeting your quality desires. Since a straight stairlift will solely be fitted to straight staircases, just one configuration possibility is feasible. Conversely, with hooklike stairlifts, many configuration choices are on the market.

Curved stairlifts offer you the choice to settle on between a customized stairlift and a pre-manufactured standard stairlift. customized stairlifts change to among millimetres of your way whereas standard stairlifts typically noted as “snap-rail” stairlifts are a pre-assembled set of standardized items that may be combined onsite to match the trail of the way as closely as attainable. whereas standard stairlifts are more cost-effective, customized stairlifts guarantee a shorter and drum sander ride for the buyer.

Stairlift features

Slide Track

The distinctive slippery track is slightly shorter than the length of the way. The track moves with you as you travel up or down the steps on the stairlift and reaches its end before you get to the highest or bottom of the steps. This makes it safer to induce off. this feature is very helpful wherever each the highest and bottom of the steps is doubtless closed by the track.

Folding Seat & stool

Designed to assist minimize the number of houses the stairlift takes up once not in use. Some models supply an influence possibility that mechanically folds the stool once the seat is raised.

Swivel Seat    

Stairlifts are designed with a convenient swivel seat. The seat permits the user to place their feet firmly on the ground by turning the seat to face the steps landing. The swivel seat is intended to create the journey more leisurely.

Remote management

The stairlift is often ‘parked’ out of sight at the highest or bottom of the steps and easily known as back to your feet once required via the infrared device. this is often conjointly ideal once quite one person within the house uses the stairlift. If necessary, someone else will even operate the stairlift for you while you travel in safety.

Seat Belt and Safety Sensors

Automotive-grade seatbelts facilitate keep riders safe on the chair whereas the stairlift is in motion. And safety sensors will find objects on the steps which will impede the stairlift’s performance.

Active Seat

The Active Seat has been designed to convey you adscititious support after you get on your feet and sit down within the stairlift chair. The technology contains a raise and tilt mechanism, wherever the seat tilts upwards to assist you after you are becoming up and to carefully lower you once sitting down.

Mains or Battery Operated

With battery operated stairlifts, this may permit the stairlift to still run within the event of an influence outage. The overwhelming majority of lifts for stairs are currently reversible battery operated.