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Dublin Airport Parking Charges

We’ve all heard Michael O’Learys rants about parking charges, particularly short term, at Dublin Airport.

This morning at the airport short term parking facility I was charged €1.50 for the period of time that I spent looking for a parking space. I say I was charged, but I definitely wouldn’t pay it.

While dropping someone to the airport this morning, the plan was to park the car, go in, have a coffee and see them off at the departure gate. However, after about 15 mins, and 2 rounds of both the short term carpark buildings, there were no spaces. Time was getting tight for departure, so we decided to leave and drive back around to the departures drop off area.

Got to the booth and the attendant, after I put the ticket in the machine, asked for €1.50. I protested, saying that I hadn’t actually parked anywhere. Apparently, that doesn’t matter when it comes to parking charges – you’re being charged from the second you enter the car-park.

I refused to pay since I hadn’t availed of any parking services, and eventually (because of the increasing queue behind me) the attendant gave me a small form to fill out my name and address and registration, and space explaining the reason why I wouldn’t pay.

I know of plenty carparks where there’s a grace period that allows you enter and exit immediately without charge if you can’t find a parking space. But not Dublin Airport obviously.

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