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Insurance company looking for claims where no claims exist

A lady driver in Longford took the wing-mirror off my car last December by not estimating correctly how wide her car was. She was about to drive away, but given that she saw me stop, and reverse, she stopped too.

To cut a long story short, I had to call into Finglas Garda station to provide my insurance details the following week, and obviously I had to inform my insurance company that there’d been an “accident”.
My wing mirror glass was shattered, and the housing for the mirror was damaged. Her wing mirror glass and housing was destroyed (my big car vs her small car gave it no chance).

So, I call FBD, and now the fun starts. I fulfilled my responsibility to both my insurance company and to the Gardai. I wasn’t going to make a claim on either my own, or the lovely ladies insurance.
However, FBD became insistent that they ring the lovely ladies insurance company. When I asked why, I was told by my FBD person that he needed to “get it off his desk” and closed.

So, basically he was ringing Eagle Star to say “hello, we have a customer of ours here and we’d like to know would you like to make a claim against him”. How ridiculous is that! I tried to ask that this not be done, as if the lovely lady wanted to make a claim, surely she’d be able to initiate that for herself. But no, he’d have to make the call to “get it off his desk”.

Eventually I managed to get FBD not to make the call, and in the intervening month, the lovely lady in Longford didn’t make a claim.

But that’s not good enough for FBD. They’re no insisting that they still must ring Eagle Star to see if the lovely lady would like to make a claim.

The Garda reaction at the scene (the lovely lady from Longford insisted on calling the Gardai for damage to two wing mirrors) that given no witnesses the accident had to be called 50-50 – as much as I’d dispute this. So, even if there’s a claim, FBD will only pay out half anyway. And if there is a claim against me, my goodwill is gone out the window, and I’ll be claiming against the lovely ladies insurance with Eagle Star as well. And 50% of fully fixing my wing mirror is going to be a whole lot more than 50% of fixing hers.

I think this situation is absolutely ridiculous. It’s obvious that the lovely lady from Longford doesn’t want to make a claim, or we’d have heard by now. She’s either driving around illegally at the moment with no door mirror, or she’s already had it fixed (and obviously can’t claim retrospectively).
But yet, after fulfilling all my responsibilities in a minor minor accident that I didn’t cause, I’m being held to ransom still by my own insurance company going looking for a claim against me, seeking issues where no issues obviously exist.

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