Relaunched, and just the same!

There’s been a few newspaper articles over the past couple of days about the “relauched” Fine Gael rip-off website, I’ve had a quick look and it’s pretty much just the same as before, with some of their out-of-date content removed, and a quick blurb from Enda Kenny about how much they’ve done (?) “on everything from utility prices to mobile phones, houses to funeral costs “.

Fine Gael have been pretty quiet on the whole rip-off front recently. Has the National Consumer Agency, set up by Minister Martin, stolen Phil Hogans thunder with regards to their proposed “Consumer Enforcer”?

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, Fine Gael will come up with in the forthcoming election with regards to consumer issues and consumer rights, particulary in the context where I believe consumers don’t really about “Rip Off Ireland” any more. Kind of means that the lacklustre “relaunch” of matches the mood of the consumer I suppose.

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