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Restaurants Charging for “no-shows” in Dublin

This article in yesterdays Irish Independent tells how some of the more expensive restaurants in Dublin are deciding to charge customers who make bookings but don’t actually show up.

What I found interesting about this is that they’re talking about charging from €50 to €75 per person for a no-show. Having had some experience of such “no show” charges in restaurants in London, it’s worthy of note that there the charges were maybe £50 total, rather than a per head charge.

Hardly unexpected that Irish restaurants would find a new angle to screw even more money out of customers. Then again, that was a couple of years ago, so I suppose such expensive restaurants in London might do the same thing now.

Of note also, is that neither of the restaurants mentioned in this article actually mention their no-show charge on their websites – Chapter One and Patrick Guilbaud.

2 comments On Restaurants Charging for “no-shows” in Dublin

  • its normal if the table has been reserved.its a lost for the restaurant

  • I have to say that I find this a perfectly appropriate response to no-shows. If You simply don’t turn up on the night, there is a loss to the restaurant. Don’t think it should apply if you give reasonable amount of notice though…

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