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Read the small print….

Ryanair have announced further offers today on their website – totally free flights, inclusive of all taxes and charges. Nice one!!!

But check out the small print – all be it fairly prominent where the offer is advertised on their site.

  • Travel Period: Sat 02nd Jun 07 – Sat 27th Oct 07
  • Applicable Days: Mon – Thurs
  • Blackout Period: 16th Jul ’07 – 31st Aug ’07
  • Notes on this fare: All Holidays, School Breaks and Major Sporting Events are excluded from this offer

Without even considering the holidays, sporting events and the school breaks, taking these restrictions into account, this offer is actually only available for 29% of the days in the timeperiod concerned.

The flights are not available for over 70% of the time period advertised. That’s some small print!!!

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