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Junk Mail offering Free M&S Vouchers

I received this e-mail today from a former work colleague. It’s not just the American dude who was arrested last week who fill our inboxes with junk – it’s people we know as well.

Marks & Spencers, in conjunction with Persimmon Homes, are giving away free vouchers. Marks & Spencers are trying word-of-mouth advertising to introduce its products and the reward you receive for advertising for them is free non-refundable vouchers to be used in any M&S store. To receive your free vouchers by e-mail all you have to do is to end this email out to 8 people (for £100 of free vouchers) or 20 people (for £500 of free vouchers). Within 2 weeks you will receive an e-mail with your vouchers attached. They will contact you through your e-mail address. Please mark a copy to: Andy.curran@persimmonhomes.com.

This by the way, is bogus. I wonder what poor Andy did to deserve this. These two sites, here and here, confirm this, plus the fact that it seems to be over a couple of years of old. If you get it, ignore it.

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