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We do not imitate, but are a model to others

We do not imitate, but are a model to others
PERICLES – Greek statesman (495 BC – 429 BC)
First there as the Fine Gael website, but at least they used a different name. Now we have the true ripoff of Value Ireland through the less than subtlely named plaguriesed website www.value-ireland.com. But sure what’s in a “dash”. This ripoff site was registered anonymously (as far as I can find out at the moment) in December 2006, though on the site itself it claims copyright for 2005. They go as far as ripping off the idea, and even the name, of the Value Ireland Forum.
The site is a list of links, many of them sponsored so the promoters of this site will be making money from users clicking though to these linked sites – hardly an unbiased or objective recommendation.

From what I can see, the person behind the site is a user of both the www.askaboutmoney.com website, and the www.askaboutshares.com website (not related). Given type of users that are in the majority on www.askaboutmoney.com, I’m sure they’ve got good intentions for their site, but it’s unfortunate that they’d decide to be so blatant about ripping of someone elses ideas. Though, given that the previous incarnation of their efforts, , is no longer available, it’ll be interesting to see how long the new ripoff site continues.

C’est un betail servile et sot a mon avis que les imitateurs.
JEAN DE LA FONTAINE – French poet and fabulist (1621 – 1695)

3 comments On We do not imitate, but are a model to others

  • Regarding “askaboutshares.com” you are incorrect in saying it is a rip off of askaboutmoney.com.

    I think you will find that message board sites are wildy available and askaboutshares.com was set up specifically to allow users to discuss shares which is not allowed on askaboutmoney. So far from being a rip off it is there to allow for discussions on a topic that is not discussed on other sites e.g. askaboutmoney.com.

    So you should do a little research before jumping to conclusions.

    I am not the person behind askaboutshares but I did help to set it up from a technical point of view.

  • And if you read my comments, you’ll see that I am not suggesting that askaboutshares is a copy of askaboutmoney.

    I am a frequent user of both sites, and am intimately familiar with thea aims of both.

    I suggest that the person behind http://www.value-ireland.com is copying my site, http://www.valueireland.com, and that that person appears to be a user of both the ask… websites.

  • Yes sorry for the that,after posting my first comment I then realised you werent suggesting askaboutshares was a rip off of askaboutmoney. I read it too quickly.

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