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What tourists to Ireland think about our prices

I received this e-mail today from a tourist from Belguim who has just returned home.

We were in a pub in Killarney last week and paid 27 euros for 1 glass of white wine, 1 pint of Guiness, a bowl of soup, a plate of garlic mushrooms, and a small plate of chips for our 3 year old sonWe were amazed with this. In Belgium you have a complete lunch menu for 2 persons with a bottle of wine for this money. It is shocking.

Ireland is a beautiful country but you people are obsessed with money and overcharging. We spent most of the time preparing our own lunch as the pub or restaurants simply did not make sense to us.

Everything costs at least 150% of the price over here in Belgium. We just couldn´t believe some prices.

We loved Ireland and its people. So spontaneous compared to my country. We were surprised how people greet you if you’re out on a walk. Just a pity that money is such an obsession.

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  • I know exactly where they’re coming from. Recently I was charged €4.80 in Scholars Pub for a pint glass of rock shandy. I could have purchased about four litres of the stuff in a supermarket for the same price.

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