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Why Irish Rail ignored my request to change my reservation

I thought I’d publish the response that I got from Irish Rail to my request to change my ticket to a later train last Friday. The response that I received 16hrs after my train had departed.

I apologise that I did not reply to you before this. There has been a severe backlog of emails due to many passengers wishing to cancel tickets and alter bookings these last several weeks along with the many emails we received over the George Michael concert being cancelled last Tuesday and passengers looking for refunds on their tickets.

The e-mail was unsigned, and anonymous response – a key error in customer service handling.

I have followed up with Irish Rail for the purposes of this blog to see why they would handle cancellations for customer who have no intention of traveling while ignoring requests for reservation changes for those who actually still want to travel.

I’d just like to follow up on the e-mail below. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that I get an e-mail at 9.43am on the day AFTER I try to change a train ticket with you. The only method you provide for changing or cancelling rail tickets booked on your website is via e-mail, so you would expect that e-mails would be addressed in time.

Can I make a suggestion?

Would it be possible that you could prioritise how you handle the e-mails that are sent to your reservations@irishrail.ie?

Given the excuses provided to me below as to why my request wasn’t processed, I would have expected that requests for changes in reservations be handled before any ticket cancellations are handled? It seems to me that changing reservations for customers who still expect to travel would be more important than processing cancellations and refunds for people who do not intend to travel.

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