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Excellent NTL Customer Service

Recently on AskaboutMoney.com, there has been a long thread about poor NTL customer service (you can read the thread here). I arrived home last night after being in Wexford for the weekend to find I only had RTE2 and TV3 and that “You have not subscribed for this channel” was being displayed on every other channel I had.

I’m in the process of moving banks at the moment, and thought for a minute that that might be the problem – a payment got lost in the transfer. However, NTL aren’t due payment around now, so I decided to give them a ring. 7pm on a Sunday night – what were the chances of getting through??

Excellent as it turns out. After being initially told that the 1800 Support number wasn’t accessible from my mobile (strangely, by an NTL recorded message rather than a Vodafone one), I went through their options (1 for cable customer, 2 for support issue etc). And then, after less than a minute on the phone, I got through to an extremely helpful support person who resolved my problem in about 2 more minutes.

I couldn’t have asked for any better. Nice one, NTL.

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