NTL customer service, again

Earlier this month, I wrote about my positive experiences with the NTL customer service. I was reading somewhere since (but I can’t remember where) that NTL in Ireland are supposed to be making great efforts to improve the issues that their customers are having with their customer service.

I have to say, again today after another positive customer service experience, that their efforts are working. I rang today about 5.30pm (on a Friday!!!) and got immediately through to a customer services rep.

I explained what I needed done – change a couple of my subscriptions – and was told that I needed to speak to someone else. Instead of being fobbed off with some “waiting room musak”, I was put straight through to a different department and spoke to an extremely helpful lady.

She very efficiently took my details, made my requested changes, and sent an e-mail at my request to their Billing Department to ensure I got my refunds due. And by the time I got home, all my changes had been implemented.

Excellent work NTL. (Just don’t mess up now and forget my refunds!!!)

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