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Dodgy Drivers

I was driving back from Galway last night after the Connaught v South Africa game. (I’d like to post a report of the match, but it seems that no media outlet has published anything that I can find about the game).

Anyway, on the way home, I came across what, to me, is probably the most annoying thing about other road users. Driving along outside Ballinasloe, I came up behind someone cruising along at maybe 60/70kmph where the limit might be 100kmph. This gentleman was on the phone – hence, presumably, the reason for driving slower – needing to concentrate on the call.

Given a safe location, I indicated and made my move to overtake the slower moving vehicle. Only for this muppet to suddenly realise that someone in a lowly Ford was about to overtake them in their 07 D Lexus 4WD, and they accellerate significantly – still on the phone, mind you.

So here I am, other side of the road, accelerating to overtake, and this muppet accelarates to my same speed, keeping me from moving in front of him. All because he has a small penis inside in his Lexus, and can’t abide being overtaken by mere mortals while he’s wishing beddie byes to Fiachra and Chantelle.

Clown! Clown! Clown! Leinster supporters shouldn’t be allowed go to Connaught games anyway! I should report him on www.shitedrivers.com. Check it out – decent blog with loads of potential.

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