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Follow up to our addition to the NCA Price Comparison Survey

When we added the Lidl and Aldi prices to the National Consumer Agency grocery comparison survey, there were two extra points that we noticed, over and above the 25% savings you could get if you’re not absolutely tied to the better known brand names.

Firstly, where Aldi or Lidl sold branded items that were exactly the same (Jameson Whiskey and 2litre Coca Cola), they were selling at exactly the same prices as Dunnes Stores, Tesco and Superquinn – so no benefit in going to Aldi and Lidl for branded items.

And secondly, where Aldi and Lidl sold similar items between themselves, they were selling them at exactly the same prices also. So, between Aldi and Lidl, there was no difference or competition either – basically a similar behaviour as between Dunnes Stores, Tesco and Superquinn.

You can check out the prices in the spreadsheet linked here.

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