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PriceWatch – Monday

Conor Pope had a good article on Monday in his PriceWatch column covering the research I’ve written about previously regarding our update of the National Consumer Agency grocery price comparison survey.

The article is available here (with subscription to the Irish Times) or here on Value Ireland.

The comments regarding the perceived quality of Lidl and Aldi products compared to branded items were interesting (if not part of my original commentary), as was the anonymous comment from the housewife who just didn’t get turned on by shopping in either store.

I’m told shopping in Saks 5th Avenue, or Bloomindales or Harrods may be orgasmic, but I’m not really sure you could add Tesco or Superquinn to that list.

The follow up responses to the related post on the Ireland.com PriceWatch blog are also interesting reading – primarily supporting shopping in Aldi and Lidl.

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