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Good and bad news from the ESB this weekend

Firstly, as we have updated in our Overcharging Ireland article, according to the Sunday Independent today (here) the ESB have been possibly overcharging up to 50,000 of their customers. The ESB has refused so far to refund these customers many of whom may have been overcharged through the estimated billing process. There is no indication of the possible amounts involved.

According to the paper – “The overcharge arises when the customer pays the bill that reflects the exact number of units used. The ESB charges any customer whose bill runs over a tariff hike date for all the excess units at the latest, higher unit rate, rather than at the rate at the time when the electricity was used.”

Secondly, on the positive side, according to the Sunday Business Post the ESB will be reducing their prices by up to 6% from November 1st. According to the paper, “The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) is expected to announce the price cut early this week. It will be welcomed by the firm’s 1.9million domestic householders and business who have been bearing the brunt of rising costs in the energy sector.”

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