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Irish postcodes – postponed again, at yet further unnecessary cost

I was going to comment on Minister Ryans recent decision to delay the introduction of post codes to Ireland and to instead, surprise surprise, commission another report or study or something.

Basically, he’s showing signs of the “Fianna Fail Indecision” disease – if in doubt, or if you really don’t care, or if you just want to put things off, or if you can’t be arsed making a proper decision, commission a report.

But ellybabes has done this more eloquently than I could, so read her comments here.

2 comments On Irish postcodes – postponed again, at yet further unnecessary cost

  • Conor, your system has been discussed for more than 4 years now and still has not been produced – why? – cost, implementation time, update costs and timescales and lack of suitability for navigation (There are more commercial vehicles trying to find addresses in Ireland than Postmen!)…..

    Why do you want to have something that will cost Euro 50 million to implement and have an annual update cost and may not be affordable for use on SatNav’s. With our PON Codes you can have something for free that works well (currently being tested), allows people to get their own code and postcode even non structures for events/services etc and is updated by the users themselves.It is also already being tested on Garmin SatNav’s. I have listened to traditionalist PostCode argument for 4 years now and nothing has happened, a prototye has not been tested, no effort has been made to satisfy the needs of road users and I find it hard to understand how people can still justify your approach – unless of course you are in the direct marketing industry which will support anything which not only will give postcodes but also will supply a database of addresses associated with each postcode and maybe even the names of the occupiers!!!

    Keep talking and meanwhile We’ll see you there!!!!!!!!!!!………..

  • A Geo Post Coding System is now available for use for any location – private property, businesses, tourists services and locations, event locations – it does not have to be a property – any location anywhere in Ireland – now also being tested on Garmin Nuvi 700 series SatNav’s – all available at http://www.irishpostcodes.ie

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