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Last post on the NCA Grocery Comparison survey

I was checking the National Consumer Agency website today to see if they had any response to our enhancement of their grocery price comparison survey last month. Probably not surpisingly, there was no comment at all.

What I did notice was a comment that seems to even contradict the NCAs own reasons for not including Aldi and Lidl in their price comparison survey.

In their original publicity about the survey, and in subsequent media commentary, the NCA said that they didn’t go to Aldi and Lidl because they didn’t stock as many branded items as the “big 3”.

Yet, further on in their own coverage (same link above) commenting that Centra, Spar and Eurospar were included in the survey “while not all products were common” and that the survey was carried out “for a decreasing number of goods being common” in these three shops.

What’s the real reason for not going to Aldi and Lidl then? Why go to other shops that don’t have matching branded items yet exclude our German friends? As has been suggested of PriceWatch in the Irish Times in comments here, is there some sort of general bias against Aldi and Lidl?

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