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Letter in the Irish Times

Reminds me of my days in the University of Limerick when the catering people realised why they weren’t selling much coffee, but handing out lots of hot water. Students were bringing their own coffee jars to college and using the University hot water. Solution: 10p for hot water.

Madam, – Let me relate an incident that took place on Monday at the five-star Herbert Park Hotel in Ballsbridge where I had placed two of my business colleagues for a four-day stay. One of my colleagues ordered some jasmine tea. It arrived in a huge pot so, having finished my coffee, I asked for a clean cup so that I could share the pot. This was refused as being against hotel policy.

We sat there with our mouths open, not believing what we had heard. I asked another waiter who was passing and was again refused a cup so that I could have some tea. The manager was no better.

It seems it is not possible to obtain an empty cup without incurring further expense (which, I assume, is why it was refused). No wonder visitors find Ireland so expensive! – Yours, etc,

It’s a pity the writer didn’t ask, or at least communicate in their letter, how much the use of an empty cup costs in the Hotel.

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